Warren Buffett recommends Cialdini’s Influence as one of the best business books of all time.

“This program will help executives make better decisions and use their influence wisely… Robert Cialdini has had a greater impact on my thinking on this topic than any other scientist… The best popular book that demonstrates six or eight ways in which the quirks of your own mind will frequently prove dysfunctional to your best interests is Cialdini’s Influence.”

“Anybody writing about persuasion and influence today stands on Cialdini’s shoulders. If you’ve got time for only one book, this is it.”



Robert B. Cialdini PhD
Influence, Sales, Marketing, Management, Leadership, Negotiation, Communication

Harvard Business Review lists Dr. Cialdini’s research in Breakthrough Ideas for Today’s Business Agenda.

“Influence” has been listed on the New York Times Business Best Seller List.

Fortune Magazine lists “Influence” in their “75 Smartest Business Books.”

Extensive scholarly training in the psychology of influence, together with over 30 years of research into the subject, has earned Dr. Cialdini an international reputation as an expert in the fields of persuasion, compliance, and negotiation.

His books including, Influence: Science & Practice and Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion are the results of more than 30 years of study into the reasons why people comply with requests in business settings. Worldwide, Influence has sold over 3 million copies and has been published in thirty languages. Additionally, USA Today lists Influence in their 12 Best Business Books of All Time.

Dr. Cialdini’s most recent co-authored book is The Small BIG, small changes that spark big influence has been met with rave reviews. His co-authored book, Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive, has been on the New York Times, USA Today & Wall Street Journal  Best Seller Lists.

In the field of influence and persuasion, Dr. Cialdini is the most cited living social psychologist in the world today.

Dr. Cialdini received his Ph.D from the University of North Carolina and post doctoral training from Columbia University. He has held Visiting Scholar Appointments at Ohio State University, the University of California, the Annenberg School of Communications, and the Graduate School of Business of Stanford University. Currently, Dr Cialdini is Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University.

Dr. Cialdini’s clients include such organizations as Google, Twitter, IBM, Coca Cola, KPMG, AstraZeneca, Ericsson, Merrill Lynch, Nationwide Insurance, Pfizer, Northern Trust, Prudential, The Mayo Clinic, GlaxoSmithKline, Harvard University – Kennedy School, The Weather Channel, OPOWER, and the United States Department of Justice.

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Influence: The Ultimate Power Tool

(Suggested length 90+minutes)

What does scientific research tell us about the persuasive approaches that make people most likely to say yes to requests? How can we use this research ethically and effectively?
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Influence During Times Of Uncertainty

(Suggested length 60-90 minutes)

In today’s uncertain environment, the need for simultaneously effective and ethical influence is necessary, pertinent, and now more vital than ever to our success.
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The Power Of We

(Suggested length 45-75 minutes)

With The Power of WE, Robert Cialdini artfully braids science with meaningful and moving personal accounts to produce a set of compelling lessons for business success.
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Leadership Through The Power Of Persuasion

(Suggested length 90+minutes)

It is through the influence process that we lead, generate, and manage change. Like most things, the process can be handled poorly or well.
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Building Trust Through Influence

(Suggested length 60 minutes)

It is through the influence process that we generate and manage change.  Like most things, the process can be handled poorly or well. It can be employed to foster growth and to move people away from negative choices and in more positive directions, thereby creating the conditions for new change opportunities.
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The Small BIGs of Successful Social Influence

(Suggested length 60 minutes)

Since publishing multiple books on the topic, Dr. Robert Cialdini has been frequently asked to speak to audiences about the principles of persuasion that scientific research indicates are most likely to spur others to change.

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Pre-Suasion: Opening the Door to Persuasion

(45-60 minutes)

The author of the legendary bestseller Influence, social psychologist Robert Cialdini shines a light on effective persuasion and reveals that the secret doesn’t lie in the message itself, but in the key moment before that message is delivered.

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