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Dr. Cialdini was a perfect fit for our event. He and his team were incredible to work with leading up to the event and they delivered as promised, and more! Dr. Cialdini was polished and professional on stage, delivering a message tailored to our audience, and was gracious and kind to our attendees following his presentation. From our initial booking through Nancy Vogl Speakers Bureau, through Cialdini’s stage presentation, to the Q&A sessions and attendee photo ops, we could not be more pleased with Dr. Cialdini!

Dan Friesen

Nexstar Network

I have admired Dr. Cialdini’s research and gift for communication for nearly 20 years since I first read “Influence”; for this reason, my expectations were already quite high. I am so pleased to say that this was one of those moments where the saying “never meet your heroes” proved to be entirely incorrect. Dr. Cialdini was every bit the authority in his field: deeply knowledgeable and ready with insightful answers to our questions, and thoroughly engaging as a presenter. What made his visit to our company especially enjoyable for my colleagues and I was his genuine interest in our work, his enthusiastic support while we tested ideas and workshopped options based on his principles, and his authenticity and warmth throughout the day.

Andrew Rolls

Novo Nordisk Inc.

There is arguably no more important book in the world of persuasive selling than Robert Cialdini’s Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion. With the rise of online marketing, it was, therefore, only a matter of time before the principles of influence that Mr. Cialdini talked about began to be used by online business owners and marketers to increase sales and conversions on their websites.

Duct Tape Marketing

Not only was his lecture and the subsequent discussion fascinating but for weeks afterwards I heard people here and elsewhere referring to his insights and examples. My sense is also that Robert’s work is being taken very seriously in government so I hope that his research will come in time to be more fully reflected in public policy.

Matthew Taylor

The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts

Bob Cialdini is the most brilliant student of influence and negotiation I’ve encountered. If everything were on the line in a negotiation, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have advising me.

Tom Peters

The Tom Peters Group

Within a few months of reading Influence, monthly revenue increased sixfold

Dakota Shane, Co-founder

Copy Buffs

The message given in your presentation is just what our people needed to confirm that the psychology of influence can be learned. . . . If these messages are applied, then our objective of creating a more successful business will have been met.

A.M. McIntosh


The man had me riveted to my seat and could have held me that way for hours. Not only is his message an important one, but his delivery is also nothing short of superb.

Barry Nickelsberg

John F. Kennedy School of Government

The presentation was perfect. The audience was intrigued with what Dr. Cialdini had to say. He was most effective.

Annette Hopgood

Georgia Department of Education

Over 350 managers could not get enough of Dr. Cialdini’s highly interesting lectures. After his last talk, he received a standing ovation, which is very rare in Holland. It was a sign of deep appreciation for his contribution to the success of the day.

Hans Janssen

Denk Producties

Robert Cialdini, through his intensive research, has clearly shown that it is possible to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of persuasion to bring about amazingly positive results.

Pratap Nambiar


The Training Directors’ Forum is the third event Robert Cialdini has keynoted for us and each time he has done an outstanding job—providing ethical and actionable information on the “Science of Influence” that our participants can immediately apply in their work

Julie Groshens

VNU Inc, Training Directors’ Forum

We’ve known for years that people buy based on emotions and justify their buying decision based on logic. Dr. Cialdini was able, in a lucid and cogent manner, to tell us why this happens. Our agents are now better positioned to influence their clients—in an ethical manner—to make better buying decisions. We could not be happier with his presentation

Mark Blackburn, Sr. Vice President, Director of Insurance Operations

State Auto Insurance Companies

Dr. Robert Cialdini has a very important message for all of us. I have worked with him in the past and each time, he overwhelms the audience. This time was no different. His presentation was informative, yet engaging. His experience in the field of influence cannot be matched.

Don Moffatt, Senior VP of Customer Care

Rogers Group

This marvelous book explains in clear, practical language the ways in which we become persuaded. It offers excellent insights for those who sell but even more importantly for all of us who negotiate and buy.

Roger Fisher, Director

Harvard Negotiation Project

His presentation was stirring and full of information to help in the influencing decisions and more specific in getting closure on your ideas and services. I would recommend that anyone that works with the public and wants to persuade them in a decision or just influence thinking (executive, teacher, sales person, politician) should attend Bob’s presentation. It is an educational, entertaining and value adding experience.

Howard A. Christensen, Co-Chairman

Christensen & Associates

Because this was a rather long program, we expected only 90% of the people to return after the break, but after the break we had 104% show up. Thank you Dr. Cialdini.

Harold Pumford, CEO

Association of Governmental Risk Pools

Bob is one of the better speakers on the subject of what persuades/influence people to use our products and services. His book should be in every sales and marketing person’s briefcase and reread frequently.

R. Craig Wilson, Sr. Vice President/Sales Manager

Northern Trust

…we recently got back our reader survey results from the Oct. issue and your article was both the most read and the one that people found the most useful. Congratulations!

Alden M. Hayashi, Senior Editor

Harvard Business Review

I respect Dr. Cialdini’s work and knew he would be an interesting speaker at our conference. What I didn’t anticipate was how popular his presentation would be among the attendees. He easily filled a 750-seat auditorium, and we were turning people away at the door.

Tad Simmons, Editor-in-Chief

Presentations Magazine

No consideration of important lessons in leadership would be complete without noting Robert Cialdini’s Influence: Science and Practice.

Jeffrey Pfeffer

McKinsey Quarterly

This book is the de facto standard to learn the psychology of persuasion. If you don’t read it, I hope you enjoy pounding your head against the wall and throwing away marketing dollars.

Guy Kawasaki

chief evangelist of Canva and creator of the Remarkable People podcast

I want to express my appreciation for your excellent presentation at The Forum on Executive Decision Making and Influence. . . the audience was composed entirely of senior executives from major U.S. and Canadian companies. . . . The evaluations were in the ‘excellent’ range and you received more mentions as ‘The part of the program I liked most’ than any other speaker—quite an accomplishment given the competition!

Sherman Roberts

John F. Kennedy School of Government

The feedback from the audience so far has been great – they really loved Dr. Cialdini!

Presidents Summit


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