Influence During Times Of Uncertainty

(Suggested length 60-90 minutes)

In today’s uncertain environment, effective and ethical influence is necessary, pertinent, and now, more than ever, vital to success.

During this profound presentation, Dr. Robert Cialdini briefly reviews the six research-based universal principles of influence. He then focuses on those principles which are most effective under conditions of uncertainty. Those who learn how to apply these principles gain powerful leverage to bring about positive and lasting change in others, both inside and outside of their organization.

Dr. Robert Cialdini, author of the groundbreaking books, Influence, and Pre-Suasion, is your guide in translating highly relevant but poorly-understood scientific research into practical business applications. His books have sold more than five-million copies worldwide. Dr. Cialdini is the world’s leading authority on influence and his widely acclaimed studies are highly instructive to those who want to be more influential.

After this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and use each of the universal Principles of Persuasion
  • Understand the conditions under which uncertainty dominates decision making
  • See how uncertainty can be harnessed to produce optimal influence
  • Identify which principles work best under conditions of uncertainty
  • Identify which aspects of these principles should be highlighted for greater persuasive success
  • Avoid mistakes that can unwittingly sabotage influence attempts

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