The Power Of We

(Suggested length 45-75 minutes)

With The Power of WE, Robert Cialdini artfully braids science with meaningful and moving personal accounts to produce a set of compelling lessons for business success.

This unique presentation explores what scientific research demonstrates about the ability of certain relationships (labeled “We” relationships) to facilitate our goals. Dr. Cialdini skillfully interprets the implications of “We” relationships both inside and outside the organization. Audience members learn the answers to such questions as:

What can change rivals to make them want to work together? What can make seemingly unrelated, angry people bond together to accomplish meaningful goals? What can make a negotiation more satisfying and come to fruition faster? What simple statement can lead to a “We” relationship? What simple request can do the same? And, how can this be accomplished ethically and effectively in business settings? Dr. Cialdini explores these questions and more in this unique program.

What makes us a “WE”? The Power of WE shows how to develop, engage, and focus relationships for optimal working success.

Robert Cialdini, Ph.D.

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